T H E  O W L S  A R E  N O T  W H A T  T H E Y  S E E M.

// Twin Peaks Soundtrack - bought in 1993 in UK /// 

Twin Peaks, the cult series from David Lynch and Mark Frost, is coming back. All of us were waiting for this moment. May, 21st 2017 - remember this date - premiere of season 3 - continuation of often ranked as one of the greatest television dramas ever made.  But why this information inspired us?
Just take a look at what treasure we have found in our dad's private CDs collection, and which one was chosen to be #1st post theme.
Of course Twin Peaks soundtrack it is.
Music composed by Angelo Badalamenti leads us to nostalgic early 90s style. Donna Hayward and her  oversized patterned sweaters; James Hurley and his motojackets, leather belts, blue jeans; Audrey Horne and her lip makeup, skirts and blouses; Shelly Johnson and her curly hair, Laura Palmer and her black shoes... ohh should we continue why we love Twin Peaks style?
What is your favourite Twin Peaks character? Feel free to comment!

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